Retirement…I felt a little sad when I had to say goodbye to the Smurfs and I suppose if I were older when it happened, Johnnie Carson,  I was seriously scarred for life when Calvin and Hobbes was over, I was a little disappointed when my favorite Starbucks coffee was retired, (I can still ask nicely and they make it for me though!) I just wish Brett Favre would STAY retired! but that's a rant for a whole nother website…and I'm going to miss quite a few sets on this retiring "Last Chance list this year. But usually retirement is good, right?  Grandmas get to come and help clumsy wanna be soccer player's who've torn their ACL(not that I know so much about that!) and  stampers get to come and spend lots of time at my classes!  I  love retirement.  I think I've got 23 years until I can retired from the VA, not that I'm counting.

So here's a shout out to retirement and one of the sets that we'll miss in the catalog, Heartfelt Thanks.


This was a copy of a card that Brent Steele demonstrated at our annual Stampin' Up! Convention.  I think it was the year that we introduced the set.  I love how the Brocade Blue accents the Apricot Appeal.  Yummy!


Here's another sample from the Card Sample Vault.  I've gone to great lenghts to preserve for your viewing pleasure.  Please don't mind the small bend in the upper left hand corner.  Museum quality artifacts do at times have flaws. Times up for today and I've blathered on long enough.  

I wished I could say that I've spent the week stamping but I've been prepping for class and working in the garden.  I will get some time this week.  I promise!