Ok ladies, I can't twist your arm any further so I'm going to tempt you instead.  I need a whole slew of you to register so that I can fill the event with my friends.   Ladies, lets combine two things together.  You love to stamp and you can support a great cause, American Cancer Society.  Here's one of the cards that you will be doing on Thursday, May 7th at my Stamp Camp for a Cause.


  • Urban Oasis, Kiwi Kiss
  • Kiwi Kiss, Basic Black
  • Fifth Avenue Floral, Sincere Saluations
  • Basic Gray Taffeta Ribbon

I'm how easy can it get?  You sign up by emailing me today and then you simply show up to the Citizen Bank of Mukwonago- WAUKESHA branch on Thursday, May 7th any time between 12:30pm and 9:00pm to stamp your set of 5 cards.  Now, who can't use 5 Greeting Cards?  I know for a fact that it takes a whole lot longer to gather up a box of goodies and bring it too Good Will!   You will make a Thank You, Thinking of You, Congrats, Fabulous Friend, All Occassion Card.  The room is big and the hours spread out so I hope you can come, we've got plenty of space! 

Ok, tempting you with a card isn't enough?  How about scaring you with the facts.  According to Livestong, a Lance Armstrong Foundation website…Nearly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer during their lifetime.  So even if it's not in your future, think about your kids, your mother, father, spouse, neighbors and friends.  It touches all of us and the American Cancer Society is in the forefront, funding research, support groups and the like.   Help me support the cause by attending a Stamp Camp.  

Ok scaring you still wasn't enough…how about good old fashioned guilt.  If you don't come, I won't think I have any friends and then I'll be lonely and have to eat all the chocolate myself.  Then I'll need new larger clothes and have to dip into my children's meager college fund, they won't be able to pay for college and thus unable to support their parent's in our dotage.   It'll all be because you didn't come to my Stamp Camp.

Seriously, let's do this!  You come to Stamp Camp for a Cause and make 5 Fabulous Cards to send to your friends and family and in doing so, allow me to turn around and take your registration $ and support a cause that will help protect all our friends and family.