Rfl_logo Need to find me today?  I will be CHAINED to my stamp desk, hammering out fab cards for my upcoming Relay for Life Stamp Camp.  Want in on a little secret….some people are just naturals when it comes to creativity, I stamp, sort of like I run….and let me tell you that a gazelle, doesn't come to mind when ya see me run.  Perhaps more giraffish.  Sort of ungainly, not so pretty in form but relatively quick.  (From what I can tell a giraffee can run 37 miles an hour, compare that to a beautiful Thouroghbred horse at 45 miles an hour.)  My stamp desk time is like that…I do get results, occassionly brilliant, but the whole method could use a smidge more grace and a lot less effort and sweat.  :) 

But I've digresses, if you need me today, I'll be sweating over a labor of love and creating 5 cards for the May 7th Stamp Camp.  Please, please, please, come I'm begging you.  This camp is one of my fundraisers for Relay for Life.  I was asked to chair a team for our Mukwonago Relay for Life coming up in June.  Hope you can help out a great cause and give ame some validation by attending this camp. 

Here are the details: 

  • When:  Thursday May 7th
  • Time:  Open House Style – work at your own pace and arrive anytime  12:30pm to 9pm
  • Where:  Citizen's Bank of Mukwonago -Waukesha Branch – Hwy 59 & Center
  • What:  Relay for Life Stamp Camp – 5 Stunning, Cute, Elegant, adorable and Amazing Cards for only a $15.00 donation to Relay for Life.

Bring ALL your friends!   Email me the number to expect.  So that's all for today!