I had a chance to play around with one of my newest stamp sets, Great Friends pg 6of the Occasions Mini Catalog.  I'm was hoping to work a bit more with it today but I was sucked into to that dumb high in teenage angst Twilight series on my vacation and now I'm getting NOTHING done.  It's an addiction about as strong as my stamping one.  I thought I'd read a couple of pages at lunch here and suddenly 90 minutes are sucked away.  I'm sure there's a correlation to the vampire thing there.  :) 

But anyway, I promised the girls at Cathy's workshop last night that I'd post a couple of the "Great Friends" cards that they were admiring while they were here.  Cathy had a GREAT workshop and she'll get lots of freebies!  How about it?  You game for a workshop?  I'll come!  We'll have fun! 

So here they are.  They were both swapped at our last group meeting.  Since I've wasted too much time this afternoon, I've got to get busy!  I believe this one was done by Lisa.  She's used Iridescent Ice on the butterfly.


This one is Cheryl's, I think!  Claim them if you would!  She's embossed the butterfly with silver embossing powder.  Enjoy.  Gotta run and gotta get to work and leave the Edward, Bella and Jacob saga behind!  Oh the agony.  🙂