I have been asked to chair a team for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  This is a world wide event that is used to fund cancer research, provide information, and offer free programs and services to people facing cancer.  The team walk/relay is June 26th in Mukwonago.  So far, I've got two lonely members on my team!  Myself and a hospital co worker.  This is an all night walking event, and so that means about 2 hours for me and 10 for Judy!  Ok maybe 4 for me and 8 for Judy!  Now,if you all don't want to be responsible for Judy's collapse, we'd (she'd) love to have you join our team and gather pledges and join us in the walk.    All that's required of you is the willingness to gather some pledges and take a turn or  two on the track.  No, YOU don't have to walk all night long…it's a Relay, silly.  Actually, Denver and Adria and Adria's friend Sarah will be joining us.  (They are planning some fundraisers to be announced later!) and their legs are much younger than ours so….  :) 

Won't you consider joining our walking team or think about making a donation.  I will be hosting a Fundraiser Stamp Camp on May 7th.  I'll finalize the details this week.  But mark the dates.

Relay For Life

Seriously, this is a very fulfilling event regardless of whether you donate monetarily or join us by walking in the wee hours of the night.  Pretty symbolic.