Not only did I catch one of the season's nastiest sinus infection bugs but the organizational bug bit too.  My office is notoriously messy, cluttered and overwhelming.  See previous posts about the Professional Organizer if you don't believe me!  (It's time for her to come back, but I digress!!!)  Some of you can relate to my stamping desk I'm sure.  But I was looking for a little bit of a more manageable area. 

Ok, actually I wanted to take the chest into the house to hold my shoes in our bedroom.  Shh, painting, redecorating project while Rob's on a hunting trip next month….so that led to a whole bunch of stuff needing to be moved.  Which led to a whole bunch of stuff not having any where to go.   I decided it was time to let a few things go to the recycle bin.  Namely a whole lot of scraps that where about 1×4.  I purchased some new organizers and dumped scraps that where smaller than 1/4 sheet of CS.  It was a VERY difficult parting but I managed.  I found scraps from projects I did 6 years ago.  This is the pile of scraps I tossed, apparently I don't get to the bottom of the drawers very often!


I'll look thru the photos that I've got, I know I have a picture of the "old" system.  I need to show you that so that you can truely appreciate the new.  Here's really what I wanted to share with you today!


Samples from my upcoming class on Thursday, Oct 16th.  It's the Simply Christmas Card Class.  We take a Simply Scrappin' Kit, "I Wish" and make 20 Christmas Cards with Envelopes.   It's only $30.00 for the class and supplies.  My customers rave about the results and I kinda think the cards are cute too.  Do you want to join us.  I have three options…am class (9:30 to Noon), Evening Class (6:30 to 9:00pm) or a To Go kit where everything is sent to you for you to complete at your leisure.  (Deer camp is coming up and don't you want something to do while he's out in the woods providing for the family?)  Email me right away!  Go, now!