So fess up, how many stolen Snicker's Bars have you eaten tonight?  My kids are so used to my "transportation tax" that even as they are walking down the steps and realize its a Snicker's bar, they yell out, "it's for you mom!"  Gotta love when they are trained up right.  I'm feeling just a little bit blue tonight as our township doesn't Trick or Treat until tomorrow night, it's just so anticlimactic!  Drove through Waukesha tonight as saw all the little ghost and ghouls and I felt like we where missing the boat!  So I'm treating you to one final Halloween project, one adorable photo of the kids and one chance at BLOG candy. 

First the Halloween project. It's one that was shared by my friend and fellow demo, Julie at our last group meeting.  Isn't it adorable?  they are KitKat candy bar wrappers.  I'm thinking it's time to adapt it for winter?


so here's a quick update of the munchkins.  We carved our pumpkins tonight.  Little e wasn't too sure of the pumpkin slime but got into the spirit of it as soon as she saw the big kids scooping out guts.


and the blog candy give away..check out the Chills and Thrills Halloween Rub Ons on page 179 of our catalog.  they where so much fun to use this year and wouldn't you know?  Rub-ons are on sale in November.  20% off with a $20 purchase.  So lets get into the mood for Rub-ons. Leave a comment here before we leave for Trick or Treating tomorrow night and I'll draw a name and the winner will receive a pack of chills and Thrills Halloween Rub-ons.