I don't love you anymore….It's that my camera was stolen over Memorial Day weekend!  I'm finding it a bit difficult to blog with out a digital camera!  Weird, no?  I mean, I'm sure I'm incredibly entertaining and all but I have a funny suspicion ya'll don't read the words, just look at the pictures.  Why would I think that?  What's that psych term?  Transference?  I do it, so everyone else does too?  So no pictures, no blog.

Ok, this camera and I've have a tumultous relationship all along.  I've been faithful to it and haven't even been tempted by others.  Ok, I've looked at lenses but it was for this specific camera.  Then the Adria incidence happened and our relationship had a bit of a rough spot.  And this is how it ended.

Worked Thursday night (you can equate that with no sleep = no brain function) and big plans all day Friday.   Then Saturday morning we were up at 4:45 to get down to the Naperville Soccer Tournament.  Entire family was along.  Read between the lines (even less sleep and the Ella distraction factor = even less brain function!).  I set my camera by the fellow soccer parents at the beginning of the game.  There was a playground adjacent to the field and Rob and I were tagteaming Ella.  Big exciting tied game.  I'm distracted, sleep deprived, caffeine-short.  I was on the playground with Ella at the end of the game, Rob walks over and we start talking to other parents.  My camera doesn't have legs.  It stays on the sidelines with the team parents of the game following ours.  At this point we leave.  Next game's parent realize my camera is still abandoned.  They hand it off to an tournament official who tells them he'll make sure it gets to the lost and found.  So next game, I realize my camera is gone.  Needless to say the official never gets it to the lost and found.  Booger!  So in a matter of a few short hours, my camera was misplaced, returned and stolen.  Now, cameras can be replaced but I'm really steamed about the 2 Gig chip that was in the camera.  Ella's Birth…gone, one year of Adria's, Denver's and Ella's Birthday's….gone.  Grrr, Makes me so mad.  So, I'm working on finding a new camera.  Any ideas or brands you'd recommend?