As most of you know, you helped me earn the cruise way back in April!  Thanks!  

Here’s the scoop…When we bought our home a couple of years ago, we knew we needed to replace the roof and do some major and EXPENSIVE repairs on the barn, some time in the future.  All this excess rain and storms has fast forwarded the process.    Our barn needs a roof and structural repair ASAP, meaning yesterday, or it will most likely collapse.   Well, here’s where my Stampin’ Up Business comes in.  The company has an awesome reward program that gives us bonuses for career sales.  For instance, during your career, when you sell $100,000 in stamps, you get a $1000 bonus, when you hit $200K, you get $2000.  Well, I’m only $4000 away from $400,000 in career sales.  Which means $4000 away from earning a $4000 bonus!  Wowza.   Now, these are rewarded annually on the last day of June so I can earn in this bonus this week or wait until June of 2009.  We are pretty sure the barn wouldn’t last that long so I’m having a BIG ROOF RAISING SALE!


So here’s the big sale!  I’ve got about 120 retired stamp sets, so check out the photo album on the right for a list of most of the free sets that I’d love to pass along to you for FREE!  Simply place a $40 order between now and noon on June 30th and you can have your choice of set from the list for FREE!  There is no limit on the number of sets you can “earn” and they will be rewarded in the first come, first serve basis.  So don’t delay.  All orders within 35 miles will be shipped to my home and we will arrange a pick-up or delivery, outside the 35 mile circle will ship directly to you. 


And that’s not all, all orders that are shipped here with pick-ups scheduled will be entered into drawings to divy up the hostess free sets!  Now, of course, don’t forget that you can turn in a bookshow from you and your friends and keep all the hostess bennies for yourself instead.  The free hostess set(s) and free hostess credit and FREE BARN RAISING SETS TOO!


So if you’ve been meaning to stock up on paper, pads,  stamps, refills, etc.  Now would be the perfect time.  Don’t forget to check out the retiring list and also the Occassions Mini that’s ending June 30th.  Call me at 262-894-7893 or simply email at stampwithsarah@wi.rr.com along with your choices for FREE sets.  I’ll keep updating the list.  Thanks again for all your support and business this past 9 years!