Nope, I didn’t fall into a hole, get abducted by aliens or give up stamping.  I’ve been oh such a bad blogger.    Actually, we have had a little wrinkle that I’ve needed some time to iron out.   AND NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT!  As most of you know, I let vanity and the fear of my 20 year class reunion get the best of me and I decided to start exercising as a resolution this year.  Well, exercise is really over-rated and dangerous to one’s body and mental health.  I lasted exactly one minute of a soccer game on New Year’s Day before I had torn my ACL and ripped apart the miniscus.  Ouch.  I distinctly remember the last time I tried to get in shape.  It was in the middle of the triathalon that I kept saying that scrapbooking was such a more enjoyable sport!  I should have learned my lesson!  I tell you, when was the last time you heard of someone needing surgery because they scrapbooked.  I’ll admit the Papersnips are sharp but come on!

So, I had my surgery on Feb 6th in the midst of the snowstorm of the year.  I will say I don’t remember much of that day.  I’m on the slow road to recovery and can manage to hobble out to the office and do a little stamping before the pain meds wear off.  So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Here’s a few of the things I’ve had a chance to work on.


This is the Valentine’s that Adria used for class this year.  It’s a CD envelope that we used to hold a M&M cookie.  They where super simple.  I think the cookies where the hardest part and my MIL so kindly made those!  I needed simple as I was just one week out of surgery.

  • Stamps:  Happy Heart Day & Heart Wheel (retired)
  • Inks:  Real Red, Black Staz-on
  • CS:  Real Red, White Basic Black

Here’s Denver’s Valentines.  I was a pretty funny story.  He wanted to use the plastic pillow boxes again so he filled them with M&M’s and I stamped the mouse from the Happy Heart Day on some paper and slapped it around the thing and was going to call it good.  His face just fell.  I asked "what’s wrong".  He says, "oh mom, it’s so boring, can’t you "craft" it up a bit?"  How could you resist such a sweetie.  So we just stamped another mouse, punched it out with a circle punch and popped it off the favor.  He was satisfied.