That kind of sounds like an old song, but I have stamped something just for you!  I’ve been oh so busy.  Here’s just a quick peek at one of the projects that I’ll be doing at my Christmas Gifts class on Nov 6th here at the house. 

Typography is all the rage right now.  Check out Pottery Barn or any of the other decorating magazines and you’ll see a lot of it.  So here’s the JOY.  I’m not sure which I like better.  The classy, traditional or the Dashing Background Paper version.  Which one?

Blog24_2 Blog25_3

  • Stamps:  Lower Monogram j, o, y
  • CS:  Basic Black, Dashing Background Paper
  • Inks:  Versamark
  • Misc:  Black Embossing Powder, Glue Dots

This was very fun to create.  The possibilities are endless…love, cheer, family, dream. You say it, you stamp it!  I’m sure you could bling this up quite a bit as well with ribbons etc but I wanted to stay true to the Pottery Barn feel.

Oh and the Glue Dots?  Let me tell you…they stick and stay stuck!  My first attempt had the y a little to close to the edge.  Now, you that know me, will definately say that I’m a bit over the top when it comes to symetrical.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking….her office is a mess, what’s with the symetrical issues? Maybe I’ve got neat freak inside just begging to get out?  Ok, you’re right, not likely.  Maybe it’s more that my clutter and piles are evenly messy on both sides of the desk?  But I’ve digressed.  Those glue dots…NASA may want to consider them for future space missions.  I’ve often said that they’d keep young children stuck to a wall and I’m beginning to think that’s not an exaggeration.  So after picking at the y a while, I get it closer to where I want, then I need to clean all the glue dot boogers off and more fingerprints than a crime scene!  I best shut up or I’ll scare you away from the class!  No seriously, it was really pretty easy and oh so classy.  Sign up for the class today!