Candy1 Ok, It’s almost Halloween and trick or treating, so in true blogger’s style.  I’m going to give away Blog Candy to a random commentor.  I’ve been cleaning and I’ve come acrossed a Paperworks basket template that includes  a sheet of red mulberry paper.  Now let’s be honest.  I really should keep it as I’m sure I can whip up some little Christmas gifty type idea and more importantly, as soon as I give it away, I’m going to need it!  But….

I’ve been challenged (and no, organizationally challenged, doesn’t count!) to clean out three bins of miscellaneous stuff.  I’ve been meaning to ebay some kids clothes, stamps and Longaberger and they are in three big bins on the floor.  I told Rob that I might need some kind of incentive….he said that he’d put the baseboard down if I got rid of the boxes so I’m a woman on a mission!

To qualify for the blog give away, comment on this post and I’m going to mail this little gem to a randomly drawn name from the bunch.  No if you look closely you will notice that your odds are rather beefy.  I don’t have too many readers so chances are pretty good that you may be the LUCKY WINNER.  In fact, you may be the ONLY reader.  But I will draw on Thursday and mail out immediately, in fact it’s packaged and just waiting for YOUR name.    I will also be posting the stamps for a limited time and you will have first shot at them.   🙂