Sneaking in under the wire again.  I actually had my Halloween/Thanksgiving Class today and tonite (thanks to my attendees!) so I’ve got a few things that I could post but I showed you my favorite yesterday and my other favorites weren’t orange and black so …here’s a quick project that I did for convention swaps and at a group meeting.  It’s a simple pinwheel fold…I’m thinking a tutorial may be in order!   I added the Batty for You along with the Scallop Punch and attached it all to a pixie stick.  Very easy and fun project.


So while I was teaching my class, I thought my kids where safely entrusted in their father’s care!  And he was getting major participation points for taking all three of the kids to the Mukwonago High School Homecoming.  But here’s his version of supervision!  Again, some points should be awarded for using Stampin’ Up products…Adria had dug thru my ribbon scraps to tie back her pigtails and then used Watercolor Crayons to acheive this new look.  Hmmm.Blog22_2