When one falls off the wagon, posting wagon that is, it makes for a hard landing.  🙁  I see that I’ve been diverted from scanning for an entire week and feel that I "owe" you quite a few scans. 

It’s been a jam packed week as I actually was forced to do laundry.  Even my standards aren’t so lax as I can handle a weeks worth of mildewy, fishy laundry.  We were in Canada last week fishing.  It was quite fun all things considered.  While the fishing was a bit slow, they were on average much bigger.  This wasn’t unusual to catch this size.  Here’s one of Rob’s.


We stayed at the Thunderbird Resort on Lac Mille Lacs in Upsala, Ontario.  Fun resort where the kids had quite a few others to fish, swim and play with.  Weather was very, very warm.  We shared a three bedroom cabin with another family of four, (our five) and my parents.  It was very cozy.  Now before you run and call the authorities here, I must tell you that I DID bring the pack and play.  Our bedroom was just too small.  So this was Ella’s arrangement for the week.  Brought back memories as first time parents we brought Adria when she was 3 months.   I had forgotten the pack and play and she had to sleep in a suitcase.  Makes for fun memories.


So I’m off to take some pictures of retiring cards and I’ll post them in a minute.