Ha!  May not be necessarily in the zone yet.  Haven’t quite found the actual groove but I’m in an impression!  I wanted to say divet, like golfing but I wasn’t sure how to spell that.  Rut sounded bad and depression even worse.  So, I’m in an impression!   Hooray.  I had to put together some things for my class last night and I will have to say they were some pretty fun things.  We stamped 10 items, doubles of five things… a Big Buckle Card, two versamark resist cards, aka ghosting, and two Rock and Roll Cards.  Here’s one of my Rock and Roll cards.


I know you probably think I’m strange even before I reveal this little secret but do you know that I see my world in 48 + 6 Stampin’ Up colors?  It’s true! I will think…Oh, I’m going to wear Rob’s Summer Sun Sweatshirt today. or "Oooh, that Ruby Red, Close to Cocoa, and More Mustard bedspread in the Target ad is gorgeous" or even, "my it’s a lovely Brocade Blue or Sahara Sand sky today."  I know, it’s weird but watch, you’ll be doing it too. 

So, you’ll understand when I show you my blouse from Sunday….yeah, it’s Cool Caribbean, Tempting Turquoise, Basic Black and Old Olive, exactly the colors from the card above. 


Now, before you think I’m really done in by diaper fumes, I’ll link you over to a friend that talked about this very subject as I read her blog today.  How’s that for a strange coincidence, of course she’s just recently had a baby too so that may not negate the diaper fume theory!    Look around!  Inspiration abounds.

Jane’s Confession