Do I feel like a heel or what?!  I was so sassy last week to poor Shelly and was teasing her about being skipping out on our little stamp day and working out, of all things!  And wouldn’t you know, she’s killing me with kindness.  Yup, the much maligned and harassed Shelly gave me samples of all her cards that she was using for her Valentine’s Stamp Camp.   So Shelly, I’m ever sooooo sorry!


So being the smart stamper that I am, I quickly picked out the one shown above that I was sure would work for my workshop the next morning.  Now these girls had been to a couple of other workshops this past month so I really couldn’t recycle a card from earlier and I needed something fresh to entice them.  I went to bed and slept in cause my cards were all taken care of.  After a leisurely morning, I felt I’d procrastinated enough and pulled out Shelly’s adorable cow card and panicked.  I didn’t have the "Love You" stamp, I was all out of red gingham, couldn’t find my piercing mat, and didn’t want to use Hounds tooth at this workshop.  Now mind you, I’ve only got about 30 minutes before I need to head out the door…..needing a couple of quick cleansing breaths and fresh Lady Speed-stick, I threw this one together using most of the elements from the previous card.   I learned three things.   1.  a simple card can be just as nice as an elaborate one .  2.  Panic can be my form of exercise.  It gets my heart rate to the same point as a stair-master with a lot less effort.  3.  Procrastination isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be.

  • Cow2_1
  • Stamps:  Like It A Latte – Winter Mini, Aida
  • Inks:  Chocolate Chip
  • CS:  Chocolate Chip, Kraft, White
  • Misc:  Red Grosgrain, Caramel Gingham