It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  I feel like a headless chicken running from fire to fire.  Put one out and another pops up.  It was so bad I was about ready to call for reenforcements….."MOM!!!!"

It all started last week with the "Cold Day."  Can you believe my kids had off of school because of the cold?  Back in my day, we would have had to walk (uphill both ways, none the less) AND had recess outdoors.  We did start our Valentine’s so it was a semi-productive day.  Of course, those same Valentines were only finished about 3 minutes before the bus arrived this morning. 


Denver used an idea from one of my downline, Vicki M, and stamped the alligator from the Wild Things set.  It was easy and the only thing that I did was cut the cardstock and help attach it to the heart box.  He’s seven and was very proud of his creations.  I would say that it took him about 1.5 hours total.  Not too bad….Now the other story…..Adria is the Queen of Procrastination.  (I don’t know where she gets it!  LOL!)  She didn’t think she needed to work on hers quite yet,so she started on Saturday.  (Her friend Sarah worked on hers at the same time and got the very same project done in 2 hours, mind you!)  So I and a few other soccer moms tied bows at the game last night.  She finished them this morning.  She used the Stinking Cute Set and some plastic favors found online.  This was also a swap idea from our last group meeting.  Dana G. made some cute ones with the Sellabration Set, Very Puny. 

Now, if you are planning on making these…let me caution you about the volume of Jelly Bellys needed.  Sarah’s Mom was in charge of getting the beans.  She had instuctions to get three colors for Adria and three for Sarah.  She arrived with 8 bags.  (She found two coffee flavors and thought our investment club needed some sugar!)  The bags were full and huge.  Now, beans are $6.99 a pound from bulk bins and and weren’t weighed prior to checkout.  10 pounds of beans and no way to put some back!   Apparently they come out of the bins pretty fast!  Needless to say, we’ve got enough Jellys to supply the entire school.  I would say that 1.5 pounds would have covered both projects and this is just HALF of the leftovers.  Baby-Weight Loss program is sabotaged yet again!